Michigan Presidential Poll Includes Five Presidential Candidates

on September 19, a CNN/ORC poll was released for the Michigan presidential election. Results for registered voters are: President Obama 51%, Mitt Romney 41%, Jill Stein 2%, Virgil Goode 1%, Rocky Anderson 1%, someone else 2%, undecided 3%. Here are more details.

For likely voters, the results are: Obama 52%, Romney 44%, Stein 1%, Goode 1%, Anderson under 1%, someone else 1%, undecided 1%. The poll did not mention Gary Johnson because he is not on the Michigan ballot, although there is a possibility he still will be.

Rocky Anderson has chosen to have himself listed on ballots as Ross Anderson, yet his campaign generally refers to him as Rocky Anderson. Thanks to Andrew Straw for the link.


  1. I find it shameful that former Gov. Gary Johnson is not on the ballot in Michigan. Although I disagree with a lot of the libertarian philosophy, libertarianism is to important a movement in contemporary American politics to be kept off of the ballot.

  2. At least Libertarians have Scotty Boman to vote for.

  3. The Constitution Party has never polled 1% in Michigan for president that I can recall. Goode may have a outside shot at 1% in many states.

  4. #3 Who knows who Goode is. I would hope all 3rd party folks do well, number wise vs the two party system.

  5. I’ve researched and seen that there are 25 candidates running for President, between major party, third party, minor party and independent candidates.

    I propose the following idea:

    a) If either the Presidential or VP candidate comes from a certain state, that ticket will have automatic ballot access and will make it automatically to the final round in November

    b) The ticket will also have automatic access in all neighboring states and will also make it to the final round in November

    c) All candidates that aren’t from such states will participate in a first round held before November, with the top n (n being the square root of candidates running in the first round) qualifying for the final round in November

  6. Contrary to what is stated in the third paragraph above, we have tried in every way to have my nickname, “Rocky”, included on the Michigan ballot, as it is everywhere else (and as it was both times I successfully ran for Mayor of Salt Lake City). Michigan has a unique (and in our view, unreasonable) statute that disallows the use of nicknames unless they are “diminutives” of the candidate’s legal name. We believe that it is very misleading not to allow the use of a name commonly used by a candidate — particularly when that candidate almost never uses his/her legal name, including during his/her campaign. Voters know me by “Rocky”, but those casting their ballots in Michigan will not see that name on the ballots.

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