Michigan Will Canvass Gary Johnson Write-in Votes

The Michigan Secretary of State has acknowedged that Gary Johnson is a declared write-in presidential candidate, and his write-ins will be counted. Meanwhile, the Michigan Libertarian Party is still trying to persuade the Sixth Circuit to print the name of Gary Johnson of Texas on the ballot. On September 19 a panel of the Sixth Circuit had denied any relief, two hours before the party had even filed its response brief. The party has asked for a rehearing. The state has never said why it won’t print Jim Gray, the party’s vice-presidential nominee, on the ballot.

Meanwhile, a Glengarrif Poll sponsored by the Detroit News and WDIV shows that the presidential vote in Michigan is 52% for President Obama and 38% for Mitt Romney. See this story.


  1. Better than nothing but the whole thing has been a sham.

  2. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Write ins are so easy to not count. What a screwjob.

  3. @1 yea I know. This is such a shame, but at least they’ll count write ins for GJ.

  4. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    At least they SAY they will count write-ins. In fact, they rarely count them accurately.

  5. Here’s the thing, they won’t count misspellings or illegible votes. Need to get that name on the ballot, I think we need people to protest loudly outside the State Supreme Court!

  6. Other than in the Presidential race, the Michigan Libertarian Party has qualified a full slate for federal office.

    Scotty Boman is running for Senate and a Libertarian has qualified for the ballot in each of Michigan’s 14 Congressional Districts.

    Scotty Boman has been involved in The Libertarian Party for many years, and led the petition drive to qualify the LP for the Michigan ballot years ago. His campaign theme is Peace, Liberty & Prosperty. http://boman12.org/

  7. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    My guess is the Michigan SoS will decide NOT to report any write-ins for Gary Johnson because she will not know for which Gary Johnson they are intended or some such BS.

  8. Is it possible that someone was paid-off?

  9. I’m in Michigan, and it looks like I’ll be writing him in. It’s BS, but it’s something. At least there are other LP candidates around to flat out vote for.

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