South Carolina has a Legislative Race with Only an Independent and a Libertarian on the Ballot

The South Carolina ballot will contain only two candidates for State House, 26th district. They are Raye Felder, who is on the ballot as an independent, and Jeremy C. Walters, Libertarian. Felder is actually a Republican, but she was eliminated from the Republican primary ballot because she didn’t file copies of her campaign finance papers both electronically and on paper by the March deadline. Over 100 candidates for state and local office in South Carolina made the same legal error.

In South Carolina, independent candidates are on the ballot as “by petition” instead of “independent.” Here is Walters’ campaign web page; here is Felder’s campaign web page. The district is new and is centered on Fort Mill, which is a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. Walters got some publicity last month when he appeared at a joint campaign appearance with Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

The old district 26 was in a different part of the state, so the incumbent, Eric Bikas, a Republican, didn’t run for re-election in any district. Bikas is age 26 and several months ago was told to leave the legislature because he appeared on the House floor without a coat and tie. See this story.


  1. Arthur DiBianca · · Reply

    Does South Carolina use straight-party voting?

  2. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    These are the types of races the LP needs to commit resources to if it wants to grow and actually elect candidates.

  3. @2 absolutely, the LP has a great chance at winning this seat

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1, yes, South Carolina has a straight-ticket device. Chances are many voters will accidentally fail to vote in this race.

  5. […] at Ballot Access News, the South Carolina legislature will have either an Independent or a Libertarian in office. The […]

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