California Releases New Voter Registration Tally; Libertarians are Only Qualified Party to Gain as a Percentage of the Total

On September 21, the California Secretary of State released a new voter registration tally. See the full report here. The tally is as of September 7.

Compared to the last tally (the May 21, 2012 tally), every qualified party has a slightly smaller share of the registration now than it did in May, except for the Libertarian Party. The percentage of voters registered “no party preference” also declined slightly, but the number registered in other, unspecified parties grew.

The percentages for each party, for May 2012, and then September 2012, are:
Democratic 43.39%, 43.33%
Republican 30.24%, 30.11%
American Independent 2.53%, 2.52%
Green .646%, .634%
Libertarian .546%, .548%
Peace & Freedom .349%, .343%
Americans Elect .018%, .017%
all non-qualified parties .98%, 1.22%
No Party Preference 21.31%, 21.28%

Registration data is available for the unqualified parties that have told the Secretary of State that they are attempting to qualify. The Reform Party now has 20,362 registrants. The last tally available for it was in January 2012, when it had 20,722. There is no May tally for the Reform Party because at the time it hadn’t asked for a tally.

The Constitution Party now has 252 registrants, up from 121 in January 2012, and 207 in May 2012.

The Justice Party now has 237 registrants, up from 183 in January 2012. There is no May tally for the Justice Party.

It is somewhat surprising that the Americans Elect registration declined. It went from 3,030 registrants in May, to 2,998 in September. One would have expected it to grow because it wasn’t printed as a choice on voter registration forms in May, but it is now, although some counties are probably still using old forms that don’t include it.


  1. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    Richard, do you have the actual number of registered Libertarians (before and after?) I am curious as to whether they are making significant progress toward the threshold now required to retain ballot access.

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    Libertarians went from 93,657 in May 2012, to 94,620 in September 2012.

  3. How evil are the Donkeys/Elephants for the average 21.38 NPP person ???
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V — esp. in CA

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