Reason-Rupe Presidential Poll

On September 21, a Reason-Rupe Poll for the presidential race was released. When respondents are asked to choose between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the results are: Obama 48%, Romney 43%, 2% volunteered someone else, 1% said they would not vote, and 6% didn’t know or refused to answer. When the respondents are asked to choose among Obama, Romney, and Gary Johnson, the results are: Obama 49%, Romney 40%, Johnson 6%, someone else 1%, would not vote under 1%, don’t know or refused 4%.

It is unfortunate that pollsters don’t list more candidates. The recent Gallup Poll, listing five candidates, should be a model.

The Reason-Rupe Poll also shows that 65% of respondents have never heard of Gary Johnson. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


  1. Arthur DiBianca · · Reply

    This suggests that Gary Johnson is polling much higher among people who have heard of him. (Could be as high as 18%, but that can’t be determined without the crosstabs.)

  2. 2 –

    100% of the people in my family who have heard of me are going to vote for me.

    Can I be included in the debates?

  3. @TruFoe — That’s totally the same thing man — you’re so clever.

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