U.S. District Court Says Colorado Ballots May Contain Bar Codes

On September 21, a U.S. District Court in Colorado dismissed the case Citizen Center v Gessler, 1:12-cv-370. The judge ruled that nothing in the U.S. Constitution requires a secret ballot, so even if the presence of the bar codes does make it possible for someone to learn how someone else voted, that is not a violation of the U.S. Constitution. See this story.


  1. […] latest from Colorado (via Richard Winger).  If anyone has the opinion, please send it along. This entry was posted in election […]

  2. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    finally, a little reality regarding the “secret ballot”. in the near future only natural born citizens and properly identified and otherwise vetted naturalized citizens will be allowed to vote in public. see Ludlum v Ludlum 1862 NYS state supreme court.

  3. So what did they put the bar codes in for? To prevent voter fraud?

    BTW, @2 are you the head/an important person of the NBCP? Or just a member?

  4. Walter Ziobro · · Reply

    “The judge ruled that nothing in the U.S. Constitution requires a secret ballot.”

    A challenging point. I think he is technically correct. I couldn’t think of any language in the US Constitution that does require it. Can anyone else?

  5. Let the PURGES begin in CO ???

    Vote the right/wrong way and get purged ???

    How many Stone Age MORONS want public ballots with nonstop civil wars and purges ???

  6. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    @2 are you the head/an important person of the NBCP? Or just a member?

    More of a perineum.

  7. I haven’t read the complaint, but it seems like there’s an equal protection issue, if voting is not secret in boulder county but is in the rest of colorado. there’s also the HAVA-compliance issue. The judge is right that there has to be some basis for federal jurisdiction; this should be open and shut in state court under CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO
    Colo. Const. Art. VII, Section 8 (2012
    ection 8. Elections by ballot or voting machine

    All elections by the people shall be by ballot, and in case paper ballots are required to be used, no ballots shall be marked in any way whereby the ballot can be identified as the ballot of the person casting it. The election officers shall be sworn or affirmed not to inquire or disclose how any elector shall have voted. In all cases of contested election in which paper ballots are required to be used, the ballots cast may be counted and compared with the list of voters, and examined under such safeguards and regulations as may be provided by law. Nothing in this section, however, shall be construed to prevent the use of any machine or mechanical contrivance for the purpose of receiving and registering the votes cast at any election, provided that secrecy in voting is preserved.

  8. # 7 What MORON State does NOT have secret ballot language in its State Constitution ???

    Some Stone Age regime which somehow trusts the EVIL robot party hacks in the State legislature ???

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