Nevada Presidential Poll Lists Four Candidates

The CNN/ORC poll released September 20 lists four presidential candidates. The results are: Obama 47%, Romney 44%, Goode 4%, Johnson 3%, undecided or no one, 2%. Thanks to Kevin Hayes for the link.


  1. Goode outpolling Johnson? Find that hard to believe but maybe that’ll happen

  2. lot of independent minded people in Nevada, lovin it.

  3. Kyle Kneale · · Reply

    Like @1 I am quite surprised Goode outpolling Johnson. I’ll be interested to see if 7% of the Nevada electorate actually does vote third party.

  4. Those are the results for “likely voters”. Goode is at 5% among all voters in the state.

    I find it curious that polls often don’t allow a choice for other or “someone else”. Particularly when their are clearly other choices that have significant support.

  5. @4
    None of the other candidates, like Jill Stein, Andre Barnett, and Rocky Anderson, are on the ballot in Nevada, and there’s no write-in option, so it’s fair to limit the poll’s candidate choices in this way.

  6. @1 and @3 yeah, you’re right. Alaska, New Mexico, and Nevada all have a lot of indy-minded folk.

  7. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    It is not all that surprising that Goode is outpolling Johnson in NV. Goode is the nominee of the Independent American Party in NV and I suspect any party that has the terms “Independent” and “American” in it will do better than “Libertarian”. Do the respondents know the positions of Goode and Johnson on the issues? Probably not.

  8. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Goode will likely out poll Johnson in at least one or two states, and definitely in Utah where the Constitution Party has being growing in the past few years (even winning various local offices there). The Constitution party scored better than the libertarians in a few states in 2008, among them Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, Oregon, and South Dakota.

  9. lol don’t get too carried away people, Johnson will bury Goode. Johnson is on 47 states , good is on 26 or 27 . Have you heard Goode speak ? LOL. now that’s comedy. I don’t think people are ready for a theocracy. The Libertarian Party appeals to people much more than the Constitution Party. And Goode is no Johnson.

  10. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    This poll is about Nevada not nationwide, Jonathan.

  11. Kyle Kneale · · Reply

    @8 the ’08 stuff is true but that was during the joke campaign of Barr. I don’t see Goode polling higher than Johnson outside of Utah and Virginia.

  12. Are respondents thinking along the lines of being independent like they do in California for the American Independent party. Would those folks who said they would vote for Goode actually know who the candidate is?

  13. I see Johnson beating Goode for third thanks to the Vegas voters who swing libertarian and many left-leaning voters who can’t stand Romney but can’t stomach voting for Obama again and thus send the Democrats a message by voting for Johnson.

  14. Gary Odom · · Reply

    I think these numbers are encouraging for both the Goode and Johnson campaigns and the parties they represent. I think that the CP has only “broken into single digits”(as Howard Phillips used to put it)in a Presidential race once-in Utah, in 2008. I do believe that Goode, despite the snakebit CP ballot access campaign of 2012, may hit single digits in a number of states this year. That would be progress to build on, if it happens.

    Goode was in Nevada in early August and received pretty good media coverage, which probably helped. Also, just as the LP is much older than the CP nationally and stronger in many states, the IAP is older and probably a bit more established in Nevada than the LP (even though the libertarian philosophy admittedly has a good deal of support in the Silver State). As noted above, the CP has its stronghold states just like the LP does.

    Right now, it is the height of pettiness to worry which alternative candidate or party gets a percentage or two over the other(s). The only people who care about such things are the weird political junkies who inhabit blog sites such as this. The main thing is to tear away support from the GOPS and the DEMS for this election AND for the future. In my view, that should be the primary goal.

  15. I’m curious why “None of these candidates” wasn’t an option in this poll, since it’s an option on the ballot.

  16. Cody Quirk · · Reply

    Obviously the IAP brand is more popular here then most people realize, all thanks to the hard work of Hansen & company

  17. Cody Quirk · · Reply

    Plus Virgil Goose has been campaigning here like Gary has said, a lot more then Chuck Baldwin did in 08′, Virgil should do better here this election then Baldwin did in 08′.

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