Poll in Arkansas for the Four U.S. House Races Includes All Candidates on the Ballot

This Arkansas poll of the four U.S. House races in that state includes all candidates listed on the ballot in each race. Both the Green Party and the Libertarian Party have candidates in all four races. Although the poll talks excitedly about the prospect that Republicans will win all four races, Republicans already have three of the four seats. Thanks to Mr. Straw for the link.


  1. upstartgreen · · Reply

    I guess I am shocked the republicans are doing so well given Romney’s disastrous campaign and the republican attacks on abortion and reproductive rights of women.

  2. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    Libertarians have a huge opportunity with Pangrac. Womack is an establishment hack and the LP should throw money at this race.

  3. @2 The Greens are doing way better at that race, Kennedy already has a big endorsement from a labor union in Arkansas and might be able to get up to 20% in the district.

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