Enid News Criticizes Oklahoma's Ballot Access Laws

The Enid News has this editorial, pointing out that Oklahoma voters can only vote this year for President Obama or Mitt Romney for President. This editorial is a welcome sign that at least some Oklahoma newspapers are noticing the Oklahoma ballot access problem for President. The editorial could have said much more. It could have said that Oklahoma is the only state in which only two choices are on the ballot for President. It could have mentioned that Oklahoma is one of only five states that bans all write-in votes in all elections.

Unfortunately, the largest newspaper in Oklahoma, the Oklahoman, recently editorialized against letting Americans Elect (a ballot-qualified party in Oklahoma) place a presidential nominee on the ballot. And the Tulsa daily newspaper never seems to mention ballot access.


  1. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    What a crappy state! Perhaps all the tornados they get is retribution! 😉

  2. Doug McNeil · · Reply

    I thought that Burdick v. Takushi held that a state can only ban write-in votes if it has easy ballot access. It sounds like Oklahoma doesn’t meet that standard.

  3. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #2, in 1992 Oklahoma was sued over its lack of write-in status, and the US District Court, and the 10th circuit, didn’t pay any attention to your very true point. The judges just ignored that point.

  4. Richard Batson · · Reply

    What are the other four states, besides Oklahoma, that ban all write-in votes for all elections?

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