Minnesota Poll of Presidential Race

The Star-Tribune Minnesota Poll released September 24 apparently lists only three presidential candidates, and shows these results: President Obama 48%, Mitt Romney 40%, Gary Johnson 5%, undecided 7%. Normally this blog doesn’t link to presidential polls that only list three candidates, because they are misleading (except in the few states in which only three candidates are on the ballot for President). However, an exception was made in this case. Former Governor Jesse Ventura has been campaigning for Gary Johnson, and Ventura’s support probably helps Johnson more in Minnesota than in the typical state.

The text of the article says that Johnson was one of the three choices presented to respondents, but the pie graph does not mention Johnson. Thanks to Mr. Straw for the link.


  1. Interesting, let’s hope that Gov. Ventura’s support will help out in Minnesota.

  2. @1 I think it will, however I think they will have better chances in gaining one or two state house seats

  3. State house district 29B has the IP making it a problem for the democrats and republicans to try to establish a major party lead.

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