South Carolina Green Party Legislative Candidate Boosted by News Story About the Incumbent

The Charleston Post and Courier of September 24 has a major story about the Speaker of the South Carolina House, Bobby Harrell. According to the story, for at least four years he has reimbursed himself from campaign contributions and has not kept receipts or other records showing how he spent the money. Representative Harrell has served in the legislature for twenty years. He was unopposed for re-election in his Charleston district in November 2010. He is co-chair of the 2012 PGA Championship, and it appears much of the money was spent on his trips to PGA tournaments in other states.

In 2012, he happens to have two ballot-listed opponents, Green Party nominee Larry Carter Center, and independent John Steinberger, a fair tax activist. The South Carolina Democratic Party has initially thought of cross-endorsing Center. South Carolina permits fusion, and for a while it appeared he would be the first Green Party nominee in South Carolina to be listed as the Democratic nominee as well. But then the Democratic Party changed its mind and returned Center’s filing fee, so he is only listed as a Green. Thanks to Eugene Platt for the link.

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  1. David Gillespie · · Reply

    Here is one South Carolinian who will be eager to cast his vote toward the goal of sending Bobby Harrell into retirement. And thanks to Eugene Platt for spotting and sharing this article for placement on Richard’s blog. Platt is currently South Carolina’s only elected Green officeholder, and he is up for reelection to the James Island Public Service Commission this year.

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