Zogby Poll for Presidential Race Nationwide Lists Five Candidates

A Zogby poll of the national presidential race includes five candidates: The results: Obama 49%, Romney 40%, Johnson 2%, Stein 2%, Goode 1%, other or undecided 6%. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


  1. Awesome!!!! Stein has now had 3 national polls in a row giving her 2% of the vote, one is considered a fluke, two is a trend, while three is the status quo for the moment. Therefore we have to assume that with Stein’s new efforts soon to be unveiled, such as Mega-rallies in major cities and more campaign ad buys as well as big ground campaign efforts that Stein is going to grow her 2% to anywhere from 3-5% nationally.

  2. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Obviously with those numbers, Romney has nobody to blame but himself. Let’s hear no more of this nonsense that “a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama.”

  3. @2 the only excuse would be Goode in that sense it might be a 8% lead for Obama if there wasn’t a major Constitution challenge.

  4. I’d like to see Goode, Johnson, Anderson and Stein all do very well in the polls!

  5. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Derek @4… I would rather see them do well AT the polls!

  6. @5 good one!

  7. Thanks for the story. The Green Party in Doctor Stein has their strongest candidate in a long time. Doctor Stein appears to growing and increasing in strength.

    Applause to Zogby for including Green Party in poll.

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