All Connecticut Overseas Absentee Voters Will Cast All Votes as Write-in Votes

Connecticut, in conformity with federal law, has already mailed its overseas absentee ballots. Because the State Supreme Court still hasn’t ruled on which party should be listed first on the ballot, the Connecticut overseas absentee ballots this year are all blank. Accompanying the ballots are lists of offices being voted for, and the list of candidates for each office. Each voter will vote by writing in his or her choices on the blank ballot.


  1. How terrible, to settle it, neither party gets the top I choose the libertarian party to get it.

  2. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    What nonsense! The wheels of justice must be square.

  3. Be Rational · · Reply

    What order were the candidates listed in on the lists of candidates?

    How could this have possibly settled anything? They had to choose an order for the lists, didn’t they?

    Really, election officials and judges are unbelievably stupid.

  4. @3 it’s not unbelievable if they have proven it to us, I think we expect them to be stupid…

  5. Walter Ziobro · · Reply

    BTW, has Pennsylvania mailed its overseas absentee ballots? Who is listed on those for President?

  6. #5, Pennsylvania has printed its ballots with all the statewide Libertarian candidates on those ballots. That is customary in Pennsylvania when a challenge runs late in the process. If the candidates are removed, some jurisdictions go to the trouble of blotting the names out, and others just post notices saying certain votes won’t be counted. If one looks at the Pennsylvania Department of Elections web page at the candidate list, one sees all the statewide Libertarians on that list.

  7. Timm Knibbs · · Reply

    Does anyone know the answer to #3s question? What order is the list?

  8. Richard Winger · · Reply

    It’s quite possible the state sent the list of candidates arranged by the order of the office, and if they did that, they may have used alphabetical order of the candidates’ names. Just because there is a list doesn’t mean that one particular party’s candidates were all listed above any of the candidates of other parties.

    But I wish I had a Connecticut-registered friend who is lives overseas or is in the military overseas, so the person could tell us what it looks like.

  9. How B-A-D is New Age handwriting or lettering ???

    How about 2 lists A to Z and Z to A ???

  10. Unaffiliated Candidate John Pistone for U.S.Congress.
    Connecticut 5th District.
    People over Politics.

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