Poll for U.S. House Race in Iowa Between Two Incumbents Shows Tie, with Third Candidate in Race at 7%

This poll for the Iowa U.S. House race, 3rd district, shows the two incumbents tied with each other, and one of the other candidates in the race with a large vote. There are two incumbents running against each other because Iowa lost a U.S. House seat after the 2010 census. The results: Republican incumbent Tom Latham 45%, Democratic incumbent Leonard Boswell 45%, independent Scott Batcher 7%, other or undecided 3%.

Batcher is a healthcare consultant. Here is his web page, which appears to have been created in 2010 when he ran in the Republican primary in the Third District. That 2010 Republican primary had seven candidates, and Batcher placed 7th.

The ballot lists four candidates, but the poll did not mention the fourth candidate, Socialist Workers Party nominee David Rosenfeld. The 3rd district includes Des Moines and the southwest quadrant of Iowa. In 2010, the Socialist Workers Party nominee for the 3rd district seat polled 2.60%. Thanks to Mike for the link.


  1. Yawn…

    Wake me up when Batcher gets to 30%.

  2. @1 Better than nothing.

  3. Idea. Batcher runs ads on healthcare. Is Obamacare popular or not in Iowa?

  4. 2 – Actually, pretty close to nothing, in terms of winning elections. Unless of course you could create 13 more third party candidates, each of which took 6% away from the Democrats and the Republicans. The it’s conceivable an election could be won with 7%. Oh wait…I forgot about the 3% undecideds. Okay – fourteen new third parties. Yeah. Then you might have a third party winner.

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