Springfield, Missouri, City Council Passes Marijuana Penalty Reform to Avoid a Popular Vote, then Repeals the Measure

This story describes how a city initiative in Springfield, Missouri, to reform the penalty for marijuana possession gathered enough valid signatures to be on the ballot. Then the city council itself passed the same measure, which removed it from the ballot. Then, after it was too late for the popular vote this year, the same city council repealed the measure. Further legal action is expected.


  1. Power corrupts.

  2. unbelievable

  3. Are ALL incumbents now the Enemies of the People ???

  4. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Does Missouri have recall?

  5. Sounds like someone is working down a private stash.

  6. GreenGenes · · Reply

    The sad thing is that every pro legalization voter should have a candidate to vote for to defeat these incumbents but in all likelihood the voters will continue to elect those who openly slap them in the face with these kinds of actions.

    I really do hope there’s a breaking point somewhere.

    After all, how many people oppose indefinite detention and drone warfare but will cast their vote for the candidate who has implemented and extended such.

  7. Be Rational · · Reply

    @6 Perhaps indefinite detention and drone warfare (in season, of course) should be reserved for public officials.

  8. Does Springfield, Missouri have a recall process? If so, every member of their city council deserves to be recalled over this.

  9. I spent a few weeks in Springfield recently. There are two main industries. 1, it is the headquarters of a number of very conservative religious sects,and 2, is a large public university campus. I suspect these two demographics are at odds with each other here.

  10. I think if at all possible the city should be sued for the cost of the petitioning that they invalidated. Let the city council take that to their voters as a cost issue.

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