Rally to Publicize Oklahoma's Lack of Voter Choices Planned for Monday, October 8, at State Capitol

According to this Facebook message, Oklahomans upset by the lack of choices on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot will hold a rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Monday, October 8, to publicize the problem. The Libertarian Party nominee for Congress from the 4th district, R. J. Harris, and the Democratic nominee for Congress from that same district, Donna Bebo, are among the speakers.

This is the third presidential election in a row in which Oklahoma voters are not permitted to vote for anyone for President other than the Democratic and Republican nominees. In order to find an example of any other state that tied the hands of voters this way for three elections in a row, one must go all the way back to the period 1956-1964. Oklahoma’s historical record for presidential choice on ballots is now almost as bad as Ohio’s record for the period 1952-1964. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1968 struck down Ohio’s ballot access laws precisely because Ohio had similar restrictions for four presidential elections in a row. Unfortunately, it appears most Oklahoma voters are unaware of their state’s deviation from the national norm.

Oklahoma is one of only five states that bans all write-ins. The others are Hawaii, South Dakota, Nevada, and Louisiana. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.


  1. In Louisiana’s defense, we have such easy ballot access, we usually have 10+ on the ballot each year anyway.

  2. 1. Separate is NOT equal.
    Brown v. Bd of Ed 1954

    2. 14th Amdt, Sec. 2 — deny / abridge

    3. Too many MORON lawyers and judges to count.

  3. #1, yes, but sometimes things go wrong. In 2008 Bob Barr wasn’t on the Louisiana ballot, and this year Roseanne Barr isn’t on.

  4. Larry West · · Reply

    What about Arkansas? According to http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/elections/Documents/Write_in_candidates_2012.pdf, “Write-in candidates are not allowed in presidential, municipal, or primary elections.”

    Also, South Carolina does not allow write-in votes for President and Vice-President (http://www.scvotes.org/candidate_information/write_in_candidates)

  5. Walter Ziobro · · Reply

    #3: Barrs have been barred in Louisiana.

  6. I so badly wish a party would form in Oklahoma with no platform except to agree to nominate the third party candidate who’s most popular with their members every presidential year. There must be some eccentric rich person somewhere in that state who could organize such a party…

  7. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #6, better would be for a rich person to fund an initiative, asking the Oklahoma voters if they want to improve presidential ballot access. It would certainly pass.

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