CNN/ORC Poll Again Includes Four Presidential Candidates

A new CNN/ORC Poll again includes four presidential candidates. The poll was conducted September 28-30 and the results are: President Obama 47%, Mitt Romney 44%, Gary Johnson 4%, Jill Stein 3%, other/undecided (volunteered) 2%. The link includes many polls, but the CNN/ORC one is closest to the top. Scroll down a little bit to find the results for the 4-candidate question. Thanks to Mike for the link.


  1. GJ at 4% nationally is pretty good for the LP.

  2. Say for Jill Stein, 3% is pretty good!

  3. raymond · · Reply

    If those numbers are true then that means 7% of America is not voting for the two party system.

  4. Great that CNN included Doctor Jill Stein of Green Party. That is a full per cent increase for Doctor Stein in just a few days.

    Doctor Jill Stein has video interviews out tonight on C-SPAN

    And Forbes Magazine has an Article on Doctor Stein, and video. Forbes reports they will be posting the full video interview with Doctor Stein.

  5. Another good showing for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein! Isn’t this like the second or third CNN poll that shows these 2 candidates doing relatively well in third party numbers??

  6. @5 when Stein or Johnson hits 5% it will then be posted on National TV

  7. J.D. FARGO · · Reply

    the only poll that counts is election day, i predict that the final total for all third parties combined will be less that 2%

  8. @3 – No actually a majority of Americans typically don’t vote for either major party. Not everyone eligible to vote registers, and then 40% of registered voters typically don’t turn out. It’s important to consider simply because elected officials in the US need to remember they don’t have anywhere near the mandate of a majority of their citizens. It’s also important because it can be something for a 3rd party to build off of – even capturing just 10% of registered voters from among those who otherwise wouldn’t turn out would be huge (& would translate to almost 15% of the vote).

  9. The percentage of the vote doesn’t mean that much unless you know what percent of the voting population knows the candidate. For example if some body get .5% well that sucks if you look at the whole population. But a lot of 3rd party candidates aren’t known by the whole population. If a candidate gets 500,000 votes out of 1,000,000 voters who know them, suddenly the low percentage of the total population takes on a new meaning.

  10. Dominik · · Reply

    If GJ gets 5% will the Libs be eligible for a paid convention in 2016 ?

  11. @11 – most likely “NO”. Both Houses of Congress passed bills recently to eliminate funding for party conventions. The bills were worded differently, so they go to a conference committee before being sent to Obama for a signature.

  12. I’m surprised that Jill Stein is polling that high.

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