Florida Presidential Poll Asks Respondents about All Twelve Presidential Candidates on Florida Ballot

On October 2, Suffolk U/WSUN-TV released the results of a Florida presidential poll. This poll is very unusual because it asks the respondents about each of the twelve presidential candidates on the ballot. The results: President Obama 46%, Mitt Romney 43%, Roseanne Barr 1%, Gary Johnson 1%, Jill Stein 1%. The other seven candidates had less than 1%. Undecided is 7% and refused is 1%. Thanks to Mike for the link. Scroll down to Question 14.


  1. Kyle Kneale · · Reply

    First, great that the poll includes so many candidates.

    Second, I highly doubt Barr gets 1% in Florida (or even California).

  2. Cody Quirk · · Reply

    … What’s the margin of error?

  3. Be Rational · · Reply

    Roseanne Barr is a total nutcase, but well known. So for a voter fed up and dissatisfied with the choices, who hasn’t heard of the others, a vote for Barr is a great way to protest and tell the duopoly – Nuts to you!

    She could get quite a few votes.

  4. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Interesting that Hoefling got at least one respondent, but Goode got none in the poll. I imagine since his ballot line in Florida is “American Independent Part” Hoefling might pull in some votes that he otherwise might not get if he had labeled himself as “America’s Partty”.

  5. citizen1 · · Reply

    None of the minor party candidates got a true 1%.
    Also interesting if you look at the other questions in the poll a majority of the respondents on most issues disagree with Obama but think he’s doing a goo job and will vote for him.
    When the ask about the 2008 election they do not mention all the candidates. Most notably Florida resident at that time Chuck Baldwin.

  6. #5 citizen1: Johnson, Stein, and Barr each got at least 0.5%, which rounded up to 1%.

  7. Timm Knibbs · · Reply

    I understand that it was rounded that is why I said a true 1% if in states that require 1% to stay on the ballot they would not qualify (if these were election results and not a poll) that is why I pointed it out.

  8. Nice to see that a poll finally gets it right and puts all of the candidates on the ballot. It’s just simply common sense.

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