Keystone Politics Advocates Fusion in Pennsylvania Elections

Jon Geeting, editor of Keystone Politics, in this column advocates that Pennsylvania once again permit fusion for all partisan office. He is especially in favor of fusion in local elections. He also suggests the usefulness of forming political parties that exist in just a single town or county. Keystone Politics is a leading Pennsylvania blog that has existed since 2004. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.

“Fusion” means the ability of two parties to jointly nominate the same candidate.

One comment

  1. Note that in PA fusion between major parties is currently permitted if the candidate wins via write ins in a major party primary.

    For example if someone was running as a Dem in the primary and won that and also won the Rep primary with writes ins which total at least the number of signatures it would have taken to get on the primary ballot they are then listed as both Dem and Rep.

    Occasionally this happens with a minor party or political body as well. The candidate has to be the nominee of the minor party and win in write-ins in the major party primary. It can not work the other way around.

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