Pennsylvania Law Mandating Goverment Photo-ID at Polls Mostly Won't be in Effect This Year

On October 2, a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that the law passed this year, requiring voters at the polls to show government photo-ID, can’t be in effect this year, for the most part. Here is the decision. The ruling says there is no time to properly implement it.


  1. A.L.E.C., GOP, Tea Party, Mitt…

    Suck it!

  2. This is a very interesting topic. I do support Voter ID But the biggest question I found today is that: How do you do voter ID on absentee ballots?

  3. 2 –

    Depends…are you going to vote Republican or not? If yes, all you need is a note from your mother. If not, you need a driver’s license, a passport, a Sam’s club membership card, an original birth certificate with a photo of your American mother’s vagina, and a photo of yourself and Sheldon Adelson playing cribbage for two grand a point.

  4. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    #2… I have requested an absentee ballot in PA. I had to give them my driver’s license number. They were other options if one didn’t have a DL.

  5. Larry Allred · · Reply

    There are media reports that opinion will allow state partisan elected officials to maintain still that the law will still go into effect(albeit after the election)and that means there will be a blizzard of misinformation that will last a month and have some amount of success. A consolation prize of sorts for the supressors.

  6. @2 Wow, you took a serious topic and made it laughable. Nice going to your cause. By the way- Im voting for a combination of democratic, republican, libertarian, and constitution party candidates. (mostly being constitution party). SO I hope that answers your question…

    @4 interesting, I wondered how they could apply that to absentee ballots

  7. A recent study indicated that there were 7 (SEVEN) votes cast illegally in PA in 2008. Of those seven, four were found to be voters who had moved in-state, but who had not re-registered. The other three (two of whom were registered Republicans) are deemed to have been genuine “voter fraud”. A lot of bother over nothing. Another case of over-regulation and wasted time & money.

  8. 7 –

    Fascinating. So are you contending that Republicans are in favor of new government regulations and spending tax dollars unnecessarily? I’m gobsmacked.

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