On October 2, Calvin Zastrow won his case against Montana over two issues that arose when he was arrested earlier in the year while petitioning for an initiative. He had been collecting signatures on public property at a Billings sports complex called MetraPark. He was charged with trespassing. Zastrow then filed a federal lawsuit, charging […]

On October 3, U.S. District Court Judge Charles Lovell enjoined Montana’s contribution limits for state office, which are $130 for legislature, and $500 for Governor/Lieutenant Governor. Here is the brief five-page order, which does not explain the judge’s reasoning; that will come later. However, it is clear that the basis is that the limits are […]

On October 3, Public Policy Polling released a poll for the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. The results: Democratic incumbent Claire McCasill 46%, Republican Todd Akin 40%, Libertarian Jonathan Dine 9%, undecided 5%. In the entire history of U.S. Senate elections in Missouri, no candidate other than the Democratic or Republican nominee has ever polled […]

Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party presidential candidate, filed last month as a declared write-in presidential candidate in the District of Columbia. On October 1, he asked the D.C. Board of Elections to tally his write-ins. His letter explains that Title 3, section 6, of the U.S. code requires jurisdictions with presidential electors to tell the […]

The Pennsylvania statewide Libertarian challenge process still isn’t finished. It had been thought that it would be finished by Friday, October 5, but now it appears it can’t finish that fast, and the work will continue into the weekend. The process involves one volunteer from the Libertarian Party forces, and one volunteer for the Republican […]

On October 2, Suffolk U/WSUN-TV released the results of a Florida presidential poll. This poll is very unusual because it asks the respondents about each of the twelve presidential candidates on the ballot. The results: President Obama 46%, Mitt Romney 43%, Roseanne Barr 1%, Gary Johnson 1%, Jill Stein 1%. The other seven candidates had […]

On October 2, a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that the law passed this year, requiring voters at the polls to show government photo-ID, can’t be in effect this year, for the most part. Here is the decision. The ruling says there is no time to properly implement it.